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Savon Dental Plan® has been a leader in the "reduced fee" industry since 1992 with a network of over 13,000 dentists Nationwide (including network providers).  We have seen many plans start up and then fail, leaving hundreds of people in the cold as far as any type of dental plan.  When this happens the members wind up losing a lot of money and the legitimate plans like Savon wind up with a "black eye".  In the end, the consumer (you) becomes very leery of every dental plan.  Savon Dental Plan® has been a member of the BBB® since 1992.  We have never had a complaint filed against us that has not been resolved immediately.

Answers To A Few Common Questions

What States have Network Preferred Providers?

How do I choose a Provider?

How do you determine the fees on the fee schedule?

How do I Change my dentist?

How do I make an appointment with the dentist

All Of Our Plans Are Backed By Four Distinct Guarantees

Savon Dental Plan Is Not Available For Purchase In The State Of Florida
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