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Covering You For Life's Little Emergencies

All the benefits of the Basic Plan for the next 45 days

To join this plan, please scroll down and click on the button at the bottom of the page.

Only $60.00 for 45 days membership!

This plan is for individuals only and is intended for extreme short term coverage.

  • This plan is available only in states where Savon has Network Preferred or Network Participating Providers.
  • This plan is designed for emergency (usually single procedure coverage).
  • This plan is good only in States where Savon Dental Plan has Network Preferred Providers.
  • This plan CANNOT BE renewed.
  • Member may convert this plan to a Single, Double or Family plan at any time PRIOR to the end of the 45 day period.
  • If member chooses to convert to the full Basic Plan, the $45.00 fee paid for this plan will be credited to the conversion.
  • Processing fee will be waived if member converts to Basic Plan prior to the end of the 45 day period.
  • This plan MAY NOT be converted to a Senior Plan or converted in conjunction with any new enrollment specials that Savon may be offering.

This plan is reserved for New Members Only.

If you have EVER been a member of Savon before (either as a primary, spouse or dependent)
please join using the regular application or call 1-602-841-3494 to discuss your options.

Because of its short term nature, this plan is NOT REFUNDABLE!!

Here's What You Will Save With SAVON

Description Doctor's
Usual Fee
Savon Fee
(your cost)
Examination/Office Visit (New Patient) $87.00 N/C $87.00
X-Ray-Full Mouth $120.00 $60.00 $60.00
Crown - Porcelain to metal $994.00 $497.00 $497.00
Root Canal - 1 root $762.00 $381.00 $381.00
Surgical Extraction $274.00 $137.00 $137.00

This is a sample only! Please see the fee schedule for your state for even more savings

Here Are Your Benefits That Come Standard With This Plan

  No Claim Forms No Deductibles  
  No Limits To Visits No Waiting Period  
  Fast Appointment Availability No Prior Authorization Requirements  
  All Pre-Existing Conditions Are Covered Comprehensive In-Network Fee Schedule  
Unlisted procedures receive a 50% discount from the provider's own usual fee
Specialist services receive a 25% discount from the provider's own usual fee
Free Prescription Discount Card

PLUS - These Services Are Yours At No Charge

Office Visits
Initial Oral Examination
Local Anesthetics
Oral Hygiene Instruction

AND REMEMBER: We Even Cover Cosmetic Dentistry!

All Of Our Plans Are Backed By Four Distinct Guarantees

JOIN TODAY and Use Your Plan TODAY!

Savon Dental Plan Is Not Available For Purchase In The State Of Florida
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