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This Is How Tommy Got His Start

Two brothers, Clay and Gordon Parker, found that there was a need to control the spiraling cost of dental care for their families. They joined one of the few plans that were available at that time. During the course of trying to utilize the plan that they had joined, they found it very difficult to make an appointment with the dentists that were "accepting the plan".

During their discussions with the dentists, they found that the reason it was so difficult to make an appointment was the fees that the plans allowed the dentist to charge were too low. In some cases the dentists actually were losing money by providing the service. Armed with this knowledge, the two brothers decided to develop a dental plan based on the following theory:

"To provide quality and timely dental care at a price that is fair and reasonable to the member and the dentist".

After months of painstaking research, they found that they were not the only ones that felt the need for a better dental plan. In July of 1992 Savon Dental Plan© opened its' doors in Phoenix Arizona. With a fee schedule that was slightly higher than the competition, the main focus of Savon was to educate the members and show them how by paying the dentists just a few dollars more (but far less than fee for service), they could have a dental plan that really worked. Once they joined Savon and discovered how easy it was to make appointments the word spread rapidly.

Until 2005 Savon was available only in the state of Arizona. Realizing the need for their plan on a Nationwide scale, Savon started recruiting dentists Nationwide in June of 2005. Along with the national expansion came a unique idea. Instead of working only to save money for the members, Savon would work to save money for the dentists, too. This lead to the formation of the Nation's only Cost Maintained Organization, (C.M.O.)

This concept of the CMO is to maintain the cost on both ends of the dental scale, keep the cost of dental care affordable for the members and provide certain goods and services to the dentists at a substantially reduced price. This concept has created a partnership between Savon, our members and our dentists.

We invite you to tour our website and find out for yourself why we are America's Dental Plan.

Meet The Savon Team


Clayton Parker Jr. - C.E.O. and Director Of Operations - Clay's Bio

Clayton III

Clayton Parker III - C.O.O. and Director of Marketing - Clay 3's Bio


Corilee Parker - C.F.O. and Director Of Provider Relations - Corilee's Bio


Jourdin Hendershot - C.R.O. and Director Of Account Retention - Jourdin's Bio


Here's What Our Members Have To Say

Joseph H., Welder, from Dallas, TX.
"I just wanted to thank you for the way you handled my problem last month. I went to a dentist here in Dallas and had a crown done. When I got home and compared the itemized receipt to the fee schedule, I found that I had been overcharge by the dentist. I call your customer care center and explained the problem and asked what I should do about it. A Ms. Mary there explained that I had a guaranteed fee schedule and that you would either get me a refund or pay me the difference. Within 2 days I had a call from the dentist office saying they were sorry and they credited my account. The next day I had 2 calls from your company. Ms. Mary called to make sure that the dentist contacted me and later a Ms. Lorraine called just to make sure everything was alright. Service like this is very unusual now days and I just wanted to say thank you for being there."

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