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Read What Our Members Have To Say

B. Brown, Glendale, AZ.
"Iíve used other dental plans over the years and never wanted to renew any of them Ė with Savon, Iíve been a member six years and will continue to remain a member!"

K. Michaels, Las Vegas, NV.
"My last plan was a student plan, and the customer service people were on the east coast- I could never reach them unless I did it between class, and then I was always on hold. With Savon, their office is local and their broker is reachable, even after 5pm."

K. Woods, Peoria, AZ.
"My children go in for regular cleanging and check-ups and Iíve saved more on those services than what the plan costs the entire family to have every year!"

C. Lewellyn, Oakland, CA.
"My son was on a plan through his college and they took forever to pay claims- With Savon, there are no claims, everything is done on the spot and no problems!"

D. MacDonald, Phoenix, AZ.
"I like knowing I will always get 50% off Ė That really saves me money since I go about four times a year!"

L. Morales Peoria, AZ.
"If I donít like a dentist I can always change Ė and there are lots to choose from. I only changed once, more because of appointment times than anything else, and I love my dentist!"

T. Jeffers, Houston, TX.
"There are no services that arenít covered- even braces, and no waiting period like with a lot of plans! "

B. Peterson, Glendale, AZ.
"I never have a problem getting in to see my dentist- and he even works after 5pm a couple days a week which is great for my schedule."

T. Daniels, Phoenix, AZ.
"Iím a student and sometimes I can only make appointments in the late day or Saturday- Many of Savonís dentists have weekend hours and that really helps me a lot!"

S. Walleria, Federal Way, WA.
"The fee schedule is really great because I know what I am looking at before I even go into the dentist- with other plans, you donít know till they tell you, and then it may be too late to budget for it."

F. Gordon, Tolleson, AZ.
"If I ever have a question, I can always call the broker, and if thereís a problem, Savon will step in and help take care of itÖWith the dental insurance I had through work, there was very little customer service."

P. Richardson, Peoria, AZ.
"I donít have a lot of time- I go to school and work part-time, and the dentists on the planhave been great to give me appointment times on my schedule."

W. McMann, Glendale, AZ.
"I donít go that often, but when I need to- like a tooth ache or chipped filling- I can usually get in pretty quickly. And the discounts are great!"

L. Owens, Phoenix, AZ.
"The plan does what it says it will do, and the savings on major services has been wonderful! I never tought I could afford cosmetic work on my teeth and most insurance plans wonít cover any of that- I got it done the first year on Savon without breaking my budget!"

S. Satterby, Fountain Hills, AZ.
"When I lost my card, I was still able to see a dentist till I got a new one, And when I broke a tooth early on a Saturday, I was able to get in that day!"

J. Wallin, Phoenix, AZ.
"The dentist was really nice and I never felt that I was being short-changed on services or time- I love my new smile, especially at half the price!"

G. Cadwell, Tempe, AZ.
"At first I thought that Savon was a joke or maybe a rip-off but my first trip to the dentist changed my mind.  I saved $126.00 and that was after adding the $99.00 that I paid for the plan to my dentist bill"

C. Lacey, Phoenix, AZ.
"I have been a member of your plan since 1992.  Being an elderly single woman, I feel that I have to tell you that being a member of Savon is one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  Whenever I call, the people go out of their way to make sure that every question or concern that I have is taken care of.  Keep up the good work and I'll keep telling my friends about you."

M. Strongburg, Marina Del Ray, CA.
"I am self employed and I needed some sort of dental coverage.  When I say your company on the internet it looked too good to be true.  I figured that if it didn't work, I would only be out $99.00.  Well I just want to tell you, IT WORKS GREAT.  The dentist that I went to was very good and I saved a lot of money.  Needless to say, I'M HAPPY."

J. Holton, Dallas, TX.
"I just wanted to thank you for the way you handled my problem last month.  I went to a dentist here in Dallas and had a crown done.  When I got home and compared the itemized receipt to the fee schedule, I found that I had been overcharge by the dentist.  I call your customer care center and explained the problem and asked what I should do about it.  A Ms.  Mary there explained that I had a guaranteed fee schedule and that you would either get me a refund or pay me the difference.  Within 2 days I had a call from the dentist office saying they were sorry and they credited my account.  The next day I had 2 calls from your company.  Ms.  Mary called to make sure that the dentist contacted me and later a Ms.  Lorraine called just to make sure everything was alright.  Service like this is very unusual now days and I just wanted to say thank you for being there."

L. Murphy, Glendale, Az.
"During the past years my wife's employer has offered 5 different dental plans.  I have check every one of them against Savon and not one of them has been able to show me any type of savings that would make me change from Savon.

L. Beasley, Ely, NV.
"When I joined Savon I was quite dismayed to find that you did not have a provider in my town.  I really didn't know what to do so I called your office.  A lady there asked me how many times a year did I go into Las Vegas and I told her at least once a month.  She suggested a dentist in Las Vegas and told me to schedule my dental appointments to coincide with my monthly trips to Vegas.  What a great idea.  I have gone 3 times now and I have saved $1,210.00 over what I would have paid a dentist here in Ely.  Thank you for your help."

Savon and itís brokers appreciate all feedback Ė we rely on such information to make sure that our plans work the way we say they will and that the dentists perform as they say they will. Always feel free to call your broker or Savon direct.

All Of Our Plans Are Backed By Four Distinct Guarantees

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