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The Right Provider At The Right Price

Let us help you find a provider in your area, show you what it takes to become a provider for Savon and give you a quick and convenient view of our Schedule of Fees and Benefits.

What States have Network Preferred Providers?

We have a very strong base of Network Preferred Providers in the following States:

Arizona - California - Florida - New Jersey - Nevada - New York - Ohio - Oregon - Texas - Utah - Washington

Other States that we have a limited number of Network Preferred Providers are:

Colorado - Georgia - Illinois - Indiana - Kentucky - Maryland - Michigan - New Mexico - Pennsylvania - Utah - Virginia - West Virginia

Please keep in mind, at this time the available facilities in these states are limited and we may not be able to provide the quality of savings and care that our members deserve.

We are in a continual process of recruiting and credentialing dental facilities nationwide, however this is a slow process.  We have very strict Credentialing Requirements that require us to focus on the quality of a dental facility instead of the quantity of dental facilities.

Our Provider List will help you locate providers in your area.  At the top of your search page (right above the actual listing of the Dentists) you will be given a count of Network Preferred Providers in your State.  In States that we do not have Network Preferred Providers, you will be given a count of all the Network Providers that are available to serve you.

How do I choose a Provider?

Choosing a provider with Savon is very simple.  Visit our list of providers and select your State and the closest City to you.  If a City is displayed, we have a a provider in that City.  Above every office name is a Facility Identification Number (FIN).  If you are joining on the internet, simply click on the F.I.N. and your choice will be automatically added to your application.

You may also contact our Customer Care Center at 1-602-841-3494 and request a list of providers in your area.

How do you determine the fees on the fee schedule?

We are only one of a handful of plans that has an "in house" fee control committee.  This committee works within a very specific set of guidelines to monitor, advise and adjust our fee schedules as geographical economic trends dictate.

We have sectioned the 50 States into 8 zones. The States are placed into a zone depending on their ranking with the National Dental Advisory Survey®.

Using the NDAS survey, a survey of our dentists and a survey of an equal number of dentists in each state that do not participate in Savon, we develop an average usual and customary fee for tat zone.

Once the average fee is calculated it is reduced by 50% and the dentists in each zone are given a fee schedule showing what the Savon fees are.

All network preferred providers are under written contract with Savon Dental Plan® to abide at all times by the fee schedule for their state.

All Of Our Plans Are Backed By Four Distinct Guarantees

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