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Strict Credentialing Requirements Help Protect Our Members

Below is a synopses of our requirements for a dentist to become a provider for Savon Dental PlanŽ.  We pride ourselves in accepting only quality providers.

Prior To Acceptance As A Network Preferred Provider, Each Dentist And/Or Dental Facility

Must Be able to prove a minimum of five (5) years clinical practice.

This requirement may be waived if the applying dentist is sponsored by another previously credentialed dentist or dental facility, the waiver is approved by our Director of Provider Relations and approved by the board of directors of Savon Professional Services)

Must pass qualifications checks with the following agencies:
  •  State Board of Dental Examiners In Which They Practice
  •  The insurance Company of Record
  •  Local and National Law Enforcement Database
Must Meet the following requirements:
  • Provider must have a current dentist license for their state(s)
  • Provider must meet professional liability insurance requirements for their state(s)
Is checked for the following:
  •  A valid Drug Enforcement Agency (D.E.A.) - if required
  •  Specialist - is the Specialist Board certified
    (Board certification is not an A.D.A. requirement)
  •  Outstanding professional liability insurance claims
    (how many and type of claim(s))
  •  Any Dental Board action(s) affecting the provider
    (how long ago, how many over all, disposition, probations, suspensions, revocations)
Outstanding insurance claims and/or Dental Board action does not automatically disqualify an applicant from becoming a Network Preferred Provider.

Must meet the following sterilization and emergency requirements:
  •  Meet or exceed O.S.H.A. standards
  •  Sterilize all hand pieces and instruments after each use with an O.S.H.A. approved method
  •  Use masks and gloves while in the operatory
  •  Provide eye protection and protective clothing for use as needed
  •  Use disposable needles
  •  Operatories must be sanitized between every appointment
  •  Have a written Infection Control Policy
  •  Have a written Hazard Control Policy
  •  Have a written H.I.P.A.A. Policy
  •  Have written Emergency Control Procedures
  •  Have at least 1 C.P.R. Certified Person
  •  Agree to random and routine inspections of the facility
We Also collect this additional information:
  •  The Doctor's personal comfort level in every phase of dentistry
  •  The type of sterilization equipment is used
  •  Frequency sterilization equipment is spore tested
  •  Is emergency oxygen available
  •  Is there a defibrillator available
  •  Is there an emergency drug kit available
  •  Is there a hygiene department
  •  How many fully equipped operatories are available
  •  What, if any “High Tech” equipment the office has
    (i.e. Cavitron®, High Speed Endodontic equipment, In-house Denture Lab, etc.)
  •  What type of X-Ray equipment is used (Panoramic, Digital)
  •  Days and hours of operation
  •  Languages other than English are spoken in office
  •  The practice philosophy of the office
Each doctor on the plan must agree to these terms, have cleared our investigation and agree to abide at all times by our fee schedule.

Each dental office is privately owned and operated and Savon Dental Plan makes no guarantee, written or implied, except as stated herein.

All Of Our Plans Are Backed By Four Distinct Guarantees

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Savon Dental Plan Is Not Available For Purchase In The State Of Florida
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